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Contemporary issues require deep reflection and a holistic approach instead of reactive and linear solutions. Through unusual processes and the reversal of the flow of thought, Upside Down Thinking helps individuals and organizations to be more effective in change moments, transforming new ideas and intuitive knowledge in reality.
Leading change and managing creativity are increasingly relevant competitive advantages for both people and businesses. And everything starts when one step back and think more deeply and broadly on things. In an era characterized by considerable intellectual conformity as well as 'commodified' products and services, the ones who foster experimentation, starting with fresh perceptions, will naturally lead better oneself and/or an enterprise.

Upside Down Thinking promotes new ways of managing change & creativity, considering pragmatism (means and metrics) as well as the power of emotions (diagnosis and reflections).

Our global services include workshops & corporate talks, master classes, courses, Business Retreats, mentoring and creative advising.
Business Retreat
Talks & Workshops

Recognizing what’s around, above and within is the starting point of change as well as any creative process. The Business Retreat offers time and space for discussions and reflections on topics related to communication, change, innovation and creative leadership, helping businesses as well as their leaders to reach their highest future potential. Like all good rituals, Business Retreats are not reproducible, predictable, and controllable. Its uniqueness boosts its impact.
Changing and challenging conventional wisdom is not sexy, it is laborious. And it is vital to refresh ones assumptions every now and then, constantly learning to learn.

Our talks and workshops attempts to bring an intense reflection and a holistic approach to topics such as Business Transformation, Creative Leadership, Innovation and Change Management.
Our creative consulting always start with a generative dialogue and a deep context observation. We are not limited to a method, a tool or ourselves, and our main fields are:
• Individual & Business Transformation
• Creative Leadership & Innovation
• Organizational DNA & Change Management

Everyone wants change but no one wants to change

Change is not sexy, it is laborious, and there is no solution / formula that works for everyone

Most change initiatives do not take human emotions into account and thus end up in failure
Upside Down Thinker

Patricia Cotton

was born in Rio and adopted Berlin as a second home. She has been a Communications executive and nowadays she is multiple, in favor of transformation and creativity. Experiencing paths contrary to common sense, she idealized the seed of Upside Down Thinking, her philosophy of life and work. From unusual personal choices, Patricia created a "reverse thinking" movement that turned into work. She has deepened her knowledge of creative leadership and change through an MBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and an immersion in Team Academy, Finland, among other adventures. Throughout life, she learned that going far away reveals what's nearby. And that the opposite direction is often the straight path. Or not. When in doubt, Patricia always thinks the opposite.
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